AIM (Armstrong’s Intelligent Monitoring) Notification System

This unique system is designed for use on constructions sites, boats, trailers; RV’s, Cottages or anywhere the use of a traditional security system is not possible.   The AIM unit is an independent system that does not require phone lines or hard wired AC Power as it utilizes a self-contained battery power source allowing you to place the AIM unit where it will be most effective.  The special design of this unit will run for long periods of time without recharging the battery and can be installed with solar panel giving AIM  unlimited run time.

The design of this product allows for flexibility of the install as this unit can be hardwired or wireless, it can be a fixed installation or a portable watertight unit. Depending on the application AIM will fit your need for your specific application.

Since AIM can be installed in a temporary or portable applications notification of activity goes direct to the end user.  The unit utilizes the Rogers GSM Cellular network and once an event is triggered a signal is directed to the Notification Centre which in turn will notify the respondents via email or SMS text message to a cellular phone or PDA.  Enhanced notification can also be performed by a live operator to the respondents if the application requires.

AIM’s portability and flexibility can also be used to monitor, unsupervised field equipment performance on construction sites, staff on locations, concrete temperature, high water levels on boats plus much more.

AIM's features and low cost now opens doors to areas that were hard to install and were very costly to achieve.


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